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American English British English
face cloth flannel
fall, autumn autumn
faucet tap
favorite favourite
fender wing
field hockey hockey
fields day sports day
to fill out to fill in
fire department fire brigade
first floor ground floor
fish-sticks fish-fingers
flavor flavour
flight attendant air hostess
freeway motorway
freight train goods train
French fries chips
from Monday to Friday
from Monday through Friday (all of Friday is included)
from Monday to Friday
front desk reception
frosting icing
funeral director undertaker
game match
garbage rubbish
garbage can bin, dustbin
gas petrol
gas pedal, accelerator accelerator
gas station filling station
gear shift gear lever
generator dynamo
German shepherd alsatian
grade (school levels 1st - 12th)
class (top 4 levels 9th - 12th = freshman, sophomore, junior, senior)
class, form
grade school primary school
ground earth
ground wire earth wire
to guess to suppose, to think
hairdresser (women) hairdresser
ham gammon
hamburger meat, ground beef mince meat
harbor harbour
heavy cream double cream
high school secondary school, grammar school
highway main road
hockey ice-hockey
home, at home at home
hood bonnet
human resources department personnel department
humor humour
to inquire to enquire
inquiry enquiry
instalment plan hire purchase
intermission interval
intersection (city or country) crossroads
interstate motorway
inventory stock
jail prison
janitor caretaker
jelly (no pieces in it) jam
jewelery jewellery
John Doe Joe Bloggs
joint roast
jump rope skipping rope

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