Holiday At Surabaya

Last holiday is not much fun, because my family are not gethered with complete. My Dad worked in Bandung and he didn’t have any plan to back. Usually, when the holiday come we always in home and grilling corn at the turn of the year. Because my dad not here, and didin’t have ant plans,so we decided to spent our holiday time in surabaya.

There,we stayed at uncle Dan’s home, because chanced the house was left by the occpants to Blitar. We were just doing a regular routine like at our home. In the morning, we got up, prayed, and had breakfast, then we watched TV and cleaned the house. In the afternoon, i and my older sister switching TV at the house next door is Uncle Ait’s home, He is my younger uncle. We usually watched movie or korean channel, because my aunt subscribe cable TV. In the evening, we took a bath and prayed. And in the night, we went to my grandma’s veranda, where all the family get together. There, we searched the generous person, who would bought we some food that usually through the front of my grandma’s house. When 10 p.m or 11 p.m, we back to uncle Dan’s home, watched TV, prayed and go to dreamland.

At the turn of the year, i got a plan that is eating ramen or other snack and watching YKS or another channel. So after we prayed at about 6.30 p.m my family, uncle Ait wife and their daughters would go shopping. Initially we just going to Indomaret by foot, but when we exiting the alley, Uncle Ait already back home and invited us to go to Carrefour by car. At Carrefour we bought fish, potatoes (frozen food), ramen, coffee, potato chips, chocolate, etc. We also bought fried otak-otak, so i and my older sister waited a long time, because the queue to fried it so long. After the otak-otak ripe, we back to home.

At home, Uncle Ait moved the gas stove to veranda and held the mat. The mothers grilled the fish, i fried the potatoes, Uncle Ait calming down the kids, and my older sister just watched Drama Awards in korean channel. After i did my  turn, i join my sister while ate french fries. Finally 12 a.m was coming. There are a lot of noisy sound. Then we cleaned the dirty veranda and go home to slept.

Next day, we prepared our bag because we would go back home. At about 11 o’clock, we back to jombang. At least this holliday is not too boring.

By Aghisna Binurillah (9A)

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