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Berikut beberapa perbedaan kata-kata dalam bahasa Inggris Amerika dan Bahasa Inggris British yang secara umum sering dipakai

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American English British English
aisle gangway
antenna, aerial aerial (TV, radio)
anyplace, anywhere anywhere
apartment (flat: singled floored apartments) flat
appetizer entrée
baggage, luggage luggage
baked potato jacket potato
baking pan baking tin
balcony dress circle
ball-point pen biro
bangs fringe
bar pub
barber shop (men) hairdresser
to bathe to bath
bathrobe dressing gown
bathroom (in private rooms)/toilet bathroom
bathroom, rest room toilet, loo
bathtub bath
beauty shop hairdresser
bedspread duvet
beer lager
bell pepper pepper
bill note
billfold wallet
bleachers terraces
bobsled bobsleigh
boiled egg hard cooked egg
bookstore bookshop
to broil to grill
brown bread wholemeal bread
buck quid
buddy mate
bug insect
bulletin board notice board
busy engaged
cab, taxi taxi
to call to ring
can tin
candy store sweet shop
carpet pad underlay
cart trolley
cash register till
casket coffin
catalog catalogue
cellular, cell mobile (phone)
center centre
check cheque, bill
checkers draughts
checking account current account
checkroom cloakroom
cigarette fag
closet cupboard, wardrobe
clothes dryer tumble dryer
clothespin clothes peg
color colour
commercial advertisement
congress parliament
to connect sb. to put sb. through
cookie biscuit
corn maize
costumes fancy dress
cotton candy candy floss
cozy cosy
crib cot (Baby)
crosswalk zebra crossing
crosswalk pedestrian crossing
a deck of cards a pack of cards
detour diversion
dialog dialogue
diaper nappy
dill pickle pickled cucumber
directory assistance directory enquiries
dish washing liquid wash up liquid
doctor's office doctor's surgery
downtown, center city city centre
downtown town centre
draft draught
drain plug hole
driver's license driving licence
drugs, medicine medicine
drugstore chemist's shop
drunk driving drink driving
duplex semi-detached house
eggplant aubergine
elementary school primary school
elevator lift
emergency room casualty department
engine (fuel-burning devices) engine
eraser rubber
everyplace, everywhere everywhere
Excuse me. Sorry.
expiration date expiry date

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