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American English British English
kerosene/kerosine paraffin
kilometer kilometre
Kleenex tissue
labor labour
ladies' room Ladies
ladybug ladybird
laundry soap washing up powder
law offices chambers
lawyer solicitor, barrister
laid off redundant
leash lead
legal holiday bank holiday
letter opener paper knife
license plate number plate
life vest life jacket
to line up to queue
liter litre
long distance bus coach
lost and found lost property
mail post
mailbox letterbox
mailman postman
main street high street
mashed potatoes mashed potato
math maths
Men's Room Gents
mom mum
motor (fuel-burning or electrical devices) engine
motorcycle motorbike
movie, film film
movie theater cinema
Native American American Indian
nauseated ill
neighbor neighbour
newspaper store newsagent's
newsstand bookstall
nightstand bedside table
notebook exercise book
oatmeal porridge
one-way ticket single ticket
overpass flyover
overtime extra time

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