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American English British English
pacifier dummy
a package of cigarettes a packet of cigarettes
panties knickers
pants trousers
paper towel kitchen roll paper
parentheses brackets
parka anorak
parking garage multi-storey car park
parking lot car park
pavement road surface
pay raise pay rise
photoflash flashlight
pin badge
pitcher jug
potato chips crisps
powdered sugar icing sugar
president (business) managing director
prime rate base rate
principal headmaster, head teacher
program programme
public school state school
quiz test
quotation marks inverted commas, quotation marks
railroad railway
raincoat mackintosh
raisin sultana
regular normal
to rent to hire
report card school report
reservation booking
resume curriculum vitae
to give s.b. a ride to give s.b. a lift
roast joint
rubber, condom condom
rubbers wellington boots
rummage sale jumble sale
running shoes trainers
salary cut wage cut
sales clerk shop assistant
Santa Claus Father Christmas
schedule timetable
second floor first floor
semester term
to set the table to lay the table
shot injection, jab
sidewalk pavement
silverware cutlery
skillet frying pan
sled sledge
sneakers trainers
soccer football
social security number national insurance number
station wagon van
steering wheel driving wheel
stingy mean
stock share
stop lights traffic lights
store shop
story storey
stove cooker
streetcar tram
student pupil
subway underground, tube
superstore store
suspenders braces
sweater cardigan
swimsuit costume
tag label
taxi stand taxi rank
telephone operator telephonist
theater theatre
thread cotton
thumbtack drawing pin
tire tyre
toothpick cocktail stick
track platform
track tracks
traffic circle, rotary roundabout
trailer caravan
traveled travelled
trench coat duffle coat
truck lorry
trunk boot
turn signal indicator
turtle tortoise
turtle neck polo neck
tux, tuxedo dinner jacket
two weeks fortnight

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