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Hello my name is Robby Oktaviano, and my friend call me Robby. I was born in Surabaya, March 18th, 2000. My age is 15 years old now.
My father's name is Ali Oktavian. He is teacher or Civil Servant. My mother name is Melly. and she she is a housewife. I'm the first son of my parents.
I have one brother and one sister. They are Rudy Oktavianus and Rika Oktaviola. Rudy is ten years old, he is in he third class of Elementary School. Rika is five years old and she goes to Play Group.

My hobbies are playing basket and music. I can play guitar and Piano. My idea is to become entrepreneur. 

I live in Tanjung Permai Street blok I no. 25. Now I study in Surabaya Modern School and I'm in the first class. I go to school by bicycle because my house is not far from my school. I like going to school cycling because it makes me healthy.

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